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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Caddick Developments is bringing forward plans to regenerate land adjacent to the existing Lancashire Business Park in Farington to deliver a new commercial development. The plans will also deliver improved green space, ecological enhancements, and public access routes.

The site is allocated for employment uses in the South Ribble Local Plan, and the site was granted Outline planning permission by South Ribble Borough Council Planning Committee in early 2021. This means that the principle of development at this location has already been established. In line with the statutory planning process, we are now required to submit further details of the development, known as a ‘Reserved Matters’ application.

This website provides more information about the Reserved Matters application, as well as details about how you can get in touch with us.

Background to the site

The site is not within the Green Belt and was historically used as a landfill for inert material from the neighbouring Leyland Works. It is in a highly sustainable location, close to existing commercial areas and within walking distance of public transport networks and residential areas.

The site is key to delivering the Borough’s economic aims and is identified as a key growth area. In addition to bringing new investment and growth to the area, our proposals could deliver upwards of 1,000 new full time equivalent (‘FTE’) jobs once fully operational, and an additional 420 FTE jobs during the construction phase. It will also deliver opportunities for young people through the creation of apprenticeships.

Caddick Developments take pride in being a family business, as well as a proven and responsible developer. In Autumn 2020, we consulted on the Outline planning application, and in July 2021 we consulted on the Reserved Matters proposals. Should you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us section of this website.



It is our intention to transform this historic landfill site and deliver a significant commercial development which will create jobs and boost South Ribble’s economy. We will also provide ecological enhancements, improved pedestrian access and areas for recreational use.

The South Ribble Local Plan identifies the site as the Borough’s largest single employment land allocation. At 22.2ha (54.9 acres) the site accounts for 64% of the total new allocated supply of employment land in the Borough.  Delivering this site is therefore critical for the Authority’s planning strategy and ambitions for future growth. Comprehensive development of this site will not only maximise job creation, but will also help protect other parts of the Borough, for example land within the Green Belt, from future development.

Our aim is to deliver a best-in-class development that provides for the local community by delivering jobs and increased investment, in addition to improved open space and ecological enhancement. 


The Reserved Matters application will seek approval for four units, compared with seven units proposed within the Outline planning application. Primarily this is because the two small and two medium sized units to the north of the site have been replaced by one single unit. There is a significant demand for units of this size in the UK, from household names and multi-national occupiers, and we have chosen to bring forward the plans against the background of this demand.

We anticipate the single unit will be delivered much quicker and earlier, taking 12 months compared with to 3+ years for phased delivery of the four smaller units envisaged in the Outline scheme. In turn this significantly reduces the construction period, to the benefit of neighbours. The revised masterplan maximises job creation and economic benefit of the site and unlocks the delivery of an estimated 800 jobs far quicker than originally anticipated. The type of occupiers interested in the unit is also more likely to deliver secure jobs in the longer term.

The Reserved Matters application will have:

  • Near identical levels of traffic as in the consented scheme;
  • No buildings in the most sensitive northern area of the site;
  • Additional planting to help screen the development;
  • Additional flood storage in drainage ponds which will be planted to enhance ecological benefit and incorporate recreational routes;
  • A wholly bespoke flooding and drainage solution, including taking an existing watercourse out of culvert (‘de-culverting’) to create a new open section of river, increasing flood storage, and further enhancing biodiversity;
  • New tarmac cycle path with lighting to complete the Leyland Loop;
  • Continued commitment to high levels of sustainability and building efficiency;
  • Electric vehicle parking.


The proposals will unlock a series of economic long-term benefits for the people South Ribble:

    • The site is the largest employment allocation within South Ribble, and development will be a catalyst for economic growth;
    • Over 1,000 FTE jobs will be generated once the site is fully operational, with a further 420 FTE jobs during the construction phase;
    • Additional opportunities will be created for young people through apprenticeships;
    • The Central Lancashire area is expected to see significant population growth in the future. This will lead to an increase in demand for employment opportunities. Delivering commercial space at the site will be essential to support this growth within Central Lancashire and deliver local jobs which can be sustainably accessed;
    • The establishment of new employment within the Borough is expected to bring further benefits to the local economy each year through direct and indirect spend. This is an exciting opportunity at a time when employment creation is of paramount importance.

Protecting the Green Belt

Importantly, unlike much of the land within South Ribble, this site is not in the Green Belt. It is essential that the site is comprehensively developed to protect against the need for development of Green Belt sites in future. 

Accessible Open Space

Approximately 4.5ha (circa 15%) of the employment allocation area is to be given over to open space, with enhanced links to a wider network of improved green infrastructure. This will increase safety and year-round accessibility of the site for a range of recreational uses, increasing the number of people who can benefit from using the area, as well providing long-term ecological enhancement.



The proposals include a large area of ecological enhancement. This will not only improve the ecological characteristics of the site but also create accessible areas to allow those who currently use the site to continue to do so in a more convenient way. This green open space will also be available for residents, current employees in the wider area, and future employees of this development to enjoy.

All necessary ecological assessments have been undertaken. There are no statutory designations within the site, however we are aware of its proximity to areas of ecological importance such as local woodland and the river. Against this background, the development takes into consideration these constraints and mitigates any impact, consequently the scheme will result in an overall net-gain in biodiversity.

Most of the site falls within Flood Zone 1, with some small pockets falling within Flood Zone 2. A full Flood Risk Assessment was submitted with the Outline planning application to fully demonstrate how surface water will be managed appropriately on site. The strategy incorporates significant new drainage ponds which will store water and manage the onward discharge of water to an agreed appropriate rate. The drainage pond also presents an excellent opportunity for further ecological enhancement.

Further to the outline submission, the drainage strategy has been refined to take a watercourse out of an existing concrete culvert to create a new section of open river. This will significantly increase flood storage capacity, slow down the flow of water into the River Lostock and provide an excellent opportunity to further enhance the ecology of the area.

Overall, the revised masterplan has significant benefits in flood risk and drainage terms.

The access strategy for the site has been developed to encourage vehicles to approach the site from the north and via junction 29 of the M6, rather than from the south or through Leyland where congestion and air quality is an accepted constraint. Electric Vehicle charging points will be provided to encourage use of cleaner transportation options.

Comprehensive improvements to pedestrian and cycle routes on site were also secured through the Outline application, which alongside on-site cycle storage and strong public transport links, will  encourage employees to use sustainable forms of transports, rather than relying on private vehicles.

The site is in a highly sustainable location due to its proximity to existing transport networks, such as local walkways, cycleways which link to residential areas, as well as the local bus network and train station. In addition, we will improve existing footpaths, create safe and accessible new routes through the site, and deliver a substantial area of open space to encourage local people to continue using the site for recreational purposes.  It is envisaged that both of these factors will encourage local people to access the site on foot and bike, or via public transport, to reduce car usage across the local area.

The sustainability of the development has been, fully considered throughout the design process and the proposals have been fully assessed against BREEAM criteria to certify their sustainability across of range of environmental issues.


The proposals will create near identical levels of traffic as in the consented scheme. A full Transport Assessment was submitted alongside the planning application, which set out that vehicular access was taken via the A582. The main site access is taken off Sustainability Way and a secondary access is taken from Centurion Way, providing access to only the south-eastern development parcel.


Before submitting the Outline planning application, we consulted on the proposed development. In line with statutory planning process. A further round of public consultation was held on the Reserved Matters application in July 2021. 

If you have any comments or questions, you can email us at:

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